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"Bencoolen's "In Color," is a charming departure from your run-of-the-mill Indie Rock. The EP is fresh, it's bold, and it combines genres to make the record pop from your stereo into your ears. Each song on the album has the ability to stand on it's own, flowing gently but with vibrancy from one track to the next. The in-your-face sound of the group is brought to fruition with horns, standout rhythm and standout guitars that grace the record within every note." - No Depression (Read more HERE)

""in Color," is a delightful release that sheds inhibitions or molds that a young band is 'expected' to fulfill. They are brilliantly unique and truly beat to the sound of their own drum." - Ethnocloud (Read more HERE)

"Bencoolen's energy throughout the record is infectious. I feel like I am at a party right from the start... Everything and anything is fair game on the EP, as it showcases the band's ability to blend various genres, without it coming across as forced. The horns, the vocals, the backing instruments, all combine forces to create a burst of energy that screams through the record. I can only imagine what the band sounds like live.." - Independent Artist Buzz (Read more HERE)

Bencoolen lands firefly

Stay tuned for announcements regarding Bencoolen's summer schedule featuring festival stop in Virginia, North Carolina, and Delaware. The band will be featured at events, big and small, headlined by their performance at Firefly Music Festival!