Maximalist Rock from Washington DC

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Rock. Blues. Funk. Shred. Sax.

Bencoolen is a maximalist rock band that includes blues, funk, and soul influences in their sound. The band features soaring vocals, swift sax lines, and huge guitar tones. In name, the band was started in 2014 by Paul Gregg and Teddy Scott as a fun college project with friends, but as months passed into years, the focus of the band shifted from a hobby to a lifestyle. That philosophy change led to repeated lineup changes, rediscovery, and unrelenting inspiration. In the summer of 2016 the lineup finally solidified into the outfit seen on the road today. Ben Suarez, Jack Bentsen, and Will Lockery joined not as guns for hire, but as full fledged members of the Bencoolen family that lived for the stage, the road, the beers, and the story.

The early days of a rock n roll band are painted poetically in the minds of concert goers. Artists face days of struggle, life on the road, and unknowns; but also see great adventure, beautiful stages, and surprising kindness few others find. Bencoolen plays on in their first chapters, riding in a caravan up and down the coast from Georgia and into the North. They rapidly dance between highs and lows. A van stuck in the mud, an encore in a collegetown, a festival stage among a lineup of legends, and a lonely night at the dive. Song ideas sprout up from it all, sax solos fill the night, and ripping guitars stun a passerby into turning his head. The band has moved into bigger and better stages as they have continued to travel. In fact, Bencoolen grabbed a hometown sell out show in Washington DC in September 2018. They have supported tours for Mihali of Twiddle, Marcus King, Spafford, Mungion, Atlas Road Crew, Mondo Cozmo, and Big Something. They have landed major festival slots at Firefly Music Festival in 2017 and at Musikfest in 2018.

The group recently released a single called, “In the End” and just completed mixing of their first full length album. In the single, the rhythm section holds down a tight groove as the song builds around overdriven sax and smooth vocal lines before exploding into a guitar solo. It follows other singles “Spotlight” and “The Crown,” to describe a journey around the world in pursuit of a love long lost, serving as a metaphor for the lost opportunities that we all try to chase down in life. The artwork depicts a desert scene to emphasize how far the journey can take you. The album projects for an early 2019 release.

Be part of the adventure. Catch Bencoolen live.

One No Depression writer described Bencoolen's live act as, “Everything I had hoped for. Their enthusiasm and energy filled the room as the crowd looked on, filling up the venue with a prominent and boisterous vibrancy.”